It is always part of Agrobank's effort to ensure the customer's satisfaction are long-cherished on the services and products offered. It is also in line with our client charter as illustrated below:-

Safe and Secure Operations

At Agrobank , we are committed to ensure the security of the operations of Internet Banking by allowing only the authorized user / person to have access to customer details.

Provided that the users are advised:-

We will employ the tightest security architecture to prevent unauthorized access and ensure your peace of mind concerning all your transactions with us.

We will pursue the strongest form of preventive and punitive measures against any party which attempts to compromise your right to transaction security and confidentiality.

Confidentiality of Customer Information

We acknowledge the confidentiality of our customer information as it is a fundamental element of public trust and confidence in our online financial service. As such only the authorized person of Agrobank can have the access to customer information.

Transparency of Products and Services

We shall represent that information on all products and services are clear, responsible, accurate manner, transparent and not misleading. We are not deliberately intent to mislead or deceive our customers or make false representations on the products and services.

Reliability and Quality Services

We shall ensure all employees involved in providing the Services have been trained on the necessary required skills on Services in order to provide a reliability and quality services.

Prompt Action for Enquiries and Complaints

We welcome any feedback, enquiries and complaints to understand and serve your needs better and shall promptly respond to all your queries.

If you have any feedback, enquiries and complaints,