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Basic Savings Account-i (Agro BSA-i)

Agro BSA-i is a basic savings account that provides various options for financial management of individuals aged 12 years and over: personal accounts, trust or joint. This savings account is based on the Yad Dhamanah transactions.




Product Details

Shariah concept
Based on the concept of Yad Dhamanah

Applicant Eligibility
Open to individual citizens and / or permanent residents in Malaysia.

Account Types

  • Personal Accounts - For individuals 12 years and over
  • Trust Account - Open for individuals under 12 years old and managed by the Trustees aged 18 years and above.
  • Joint Accounts - Accounts managed by a group of individuals does not exceed five (5) people aged 18 years and above.

Account opening fee
Fee for Personal account opening / Trust / Mutual is RM20.00

Minimum balance
No less than RM10.00 at all times