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AgroCash-i is a personal financing which provides consumer financing especially for agriculture and agro-based activity. The implementation of the product is based on the Bai’ al-‘Inah transactions.


In these transactions, the seller sells an asset to the buyer on cash basis and then buys back the asset at a deferred price which is higher than the cash sale price. It may also be conducted where the seller sells the asset to the buyer at a deferred price and subsequently buys back the asset on cash basis at a lower price than the deferred sale price.

In this financing, the Bank will sell the asset (a land owned by a bank or other asset advised by the Bank) to the customer at a selling price which is to be paid on a deferred basis.




Eligibility Criteria

Age Requirement Government Servants
Age between 18 to 60 or up to retirement age whichever is earlier

GLC Staff
Age between 21 to 60 or up to retirement age whichever is earlier

Eligibility Government Servants
Government servants with at least 3 months of completed service

 GLC Staff
Confirmed staff with 3 years in service

Min. Salary Requirement Government Servants
RM1,000 gross salary per month

GLC Staff
RM2,000 gross salary per month

Guarantor / Collateral Requirement Contract Government staff requires a guarantor(s) from a permanent Government employees
Takaful Coverage Yes, encourage to take the Takaful coverage

Product Details

Financing Limit Government Servant
Maximum RM200,000

GLC Staff
Maximum 10 times of gross salary and based on maximum financing limit of RM100,000

Financing Tenure Maximum 10 years
Profit Rates (Subject to qualification and current changes)
Subject Eligibility Criteria

Profit rate is subjected to customer’s income and the calculation is based on monthly reducing method:


Income Profit Rate
Less than RM 3,000 BR + 4.72% on monthly rest


RM 3,001 ke RM 5,000

BR + 4.46% on monthly rest


RM 5,001 and above BR + 4.35% on monthly rest


New and existing customers who did not fulfill the above criteria, the profit rate is as follows.




The profit rate shall only be applicable to the following conditions:


New and existing customers


Satisfactory track record in CCRIS report which is MIA 2 and below and MIA 2 must not more than 3 times for the past 12 months including the current month


No “Special Attention Account” record.


No adverse record in CTOS report under Section D and E


Tenure Profit Rate
Up to 10 years BR + 5.52% on monthly rest

Fee & Charges

Processing fees N/A
Stamp Duty As per the Stamp Act 1949 (Revised 1989).
Disbursement and misc. fee N/A
Early settlement penalty N/A
Late payment charges Ta’widh of 1%