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AGRONetBIZ (Business Internet Banking)

Business Internet Banking or known as AGRONetBIZ is an online banking service designed for business or non-individual customers such as company, association, club, and society or government bodies registered under Malaysian Company Act. This product is based on the Ujrah transactions.

The company shall have an active business company deposit account(s) with Agrobank.

AGRONetBIZ allows corporate and commercial customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by the bank.

To log-in AGRONetBIZ service, the customer would go to the bank’s website, and access the online banking facility using the customer personal username and password. Once logged-in, the customer can perform various banking transaction without having to go to the bank.

There are two (2) types of access available for AGRONetBIZ which are:

  • Inquiry Access – For viewing only
  • Transactional Access – FULL access (View, Initiate and Approve banking transaction)




Services Offered

Below are the service offered by AGRONetBIZ:

Account Inquiry
- Display customer details of Savings Account / Investment / Financing, Transaction History and AGRONetBIZ Transaction History.

Fund Transfer
- Allow customer to transfer fund from their Agrobank account to another account as per option below:
i. Transfer to own account and another 3rd party Agrobank account
ii. Interbank Fund Transfer (IBG)

Bill Payment
- Allow customer to pay bills to the available payee corporations and register their favourite billers for easier payment process in the future.

- Allow customer with Approver access to approve or reject any financial related transaction initiated by Initiator.

Internet Banking Service Management
- Only accessible to the customer’s appointed as Corporate Administrator. Corporate Administrator function is to manage their User access (Viewer, Initiator and Approver).

Profile Management
- Allow customer to manage account profile such as Change Password.

Message Box
- Allow customer to receive notification message sent by the bank.

Note: Any changes to the specified services is subject to the discretion of the Bank.

Fees & Charges

Establishment / Access Fees

Establishment (one-time fee) FREE
On-site training (if required additional)* RM100.00
Annual Fee (Inquiry Access) FREE
Annual Fee (Transactional Access) RM120.00

* This applies to on-site training or assistance by an Agrobank representative

AGRONetBIZ Security Token Fees

AGRONetBIZ Security Token FREE
Replacement for AGRONetBIZ Security Token (lost or malfunction) RM70.00


Transaction Fees (per transaction)

Own Account Transfer FREE
3rd Party Agrobank Account Transfer FREE
Interbank Account Transfer via IBG RM0.10
Bill Payment RM1.00

Note: The Bank will send at least 21 days notice to customers before any change is made to the fees and charges.

The transaction limit for AGRONetBiz are as follows:-

Transaction Limit

Own Account Transfer Unlimited
3rd Party Agrobank Account Transfer RM500,000.00
Interbank Account Transfer via IBG RM500,000.00
Bill Payment Unlimited


Notes: The above fees and charges are subject to 6% GST