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Ar Rahnu

Ar Rahnu is an Islamic pawn broking scheme using the Shariah compliance of Al-Qardh and Ar-Rahn which allow gold jewellery items adopted as collateral for cash loans.

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The Bank will keep gold jewellery as collateral and charge storage wages for storage services. The Bank will provide loans to customers where the amount granted will be evaluated based on the current market price of gold. Total loans and advances however, is lower than the value of the gold depending on the loan margin (%) determined by the Bank and the types of jewellery. Gold jewellery storage period and storage wages are determined in advance and agreed to by both parties (the Bank and the Customer).




Product Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Open to all Malaysian citizens

Aged 18 years old to 70 years old

Type of Gold jewellery jewellery grade : 999 , 950 , 916 , 875 , 835 and 750 (gemstone excluded)
Margin Loans

Maximum: Up to 70 % of the current market value of jewellery

Market value is based on the type of gold pawned.

Period of charges and extended period

Period Charge

6 months



May be extended for a period of 6 months should keep wage payments have been paid in full.

* Subject to change

Disclosures prescribed (%) Bank will make a re-assessment of the price of a security based on current gold prices. If the amount of the loan balance exceeds the prescribed amount of exposure that is 90 % of the price of gold during the extended time period, the customer is required to pay the difference between the outstanding loan amount and the total exposure to the customer's current loan balance does not exceed the prescribed amount of exposure
Payment Method Pawner can pay this loan in instalments or 6 months or reclaim the goods pawned jewellery in a lump sum on or before the maturity date together with wage savings.

Fee & Charges

Customers need to pay the monthly savings amount of wages for services by the Bank of gold jewellery and related charges (if any). Wages imposed is based on the present value of the pledge (marhun) when secured.

Marhun Value Wages saved for every RM100
RM100 - RM2,000 RM0.50
RM2,001 - RM5,000 RM0.60
RM5,001 & above RM0.75