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AGRO Visa Debit Card-i. The card that allows you to withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases by direct debiting at all Visa merchants.






AgroVisa Debit Card-i Services

  • Accepted over 29 million Visa merchants worldwide.
  • Accepted at more than 229 automate teller machine (ATM) in Malaysia and more than 3800 MEPS ATM nationwide.
  • Cash withdrawal up to RM1500 per transaction subject to a daily maximum limit of RM6000 per day with the frequency of transactions is unlimited.
  • Daily limit for retail purchase through Visa network is up to RM2000. Customer can also make request to increase the daily limit up to RM10000.
  • Can be used to pay bills and money transfer.
  • Retail purchase via e-Debit.



  • Safe.No need to carry large amount of cash in your pocket.
  • Increased security with tamper-resistant smart chip and data stored difficult to be taken and copied.
  • Accepted at all dealers or stores that participates with Visa worldwide.
  • Used as an ATM card to withdraw cash locally or abroad.
  • No income requirement for card application.
  • Able to check the account and transactions through AgroNet.
  • Easily controlled by linking more than 10 different accounts in to one (1) card.
  • Able to make cashless purchase or payment for goods, services and utility bills through e-Debit.
  • Able to use to access the internet for online purchase.
  • No government service tax.


Who can apply?

  • Individual and sole proprietor
  • Account holder for Savings/GIRO/Joint account with Agrobank.
  • Aged 12 years and above.


How to apply?

  • Please visit Agrobank branch nearby.
  • Fill in the Agrobank card application form when you open a Savings/GIRO account.
  • Agrobank ATM Card will be issued.


Documents Required

  • MyKad (IC) or
  • Police ID card holders or Army ID card holder;
  • Birth Certificate and MyKid (for in-trust account)
  • Passport (for non-resident)

Fees & Charges

 Card Issuance RM8.00
Card Replacement RM10.00
Annual Fee RM8.00
Cash Withdrawal at ATM Agrobank Free
Cash Withdrawal at MEPS ATM (local bank) RM1.00 per transaction
Cash Withdrawal at MEPS ATM (foreign bank) RM4.00 per transaction
Cash Withdrawal at VisaPlus RM10.00 per transaction
Sales Draft (Original) RM10.00
Sales Draft (Photocopy) RM5.00
Statement RM5.00
Service Fee (conversion for overseas transaction) 1.25% (from amount converted)


Notes: The above fees and charges are subject to 6% GST

Card care tips

Some things that you should avoid:

  • Striking the chip with a sharp or metal object.
  • Bending card excessively or for a long time.
  • Bring cards to place that have a strong magnetic force.
  • Keep the card in a hot place for a long time.