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Machinery & Equipment Financing-i (MAEF-i)

MAEF-i is a financing facility to finance the purchase of machinery and equipment used directly or indirectly for production, processing, and marketing of agricultural and agro-based industries. This product is based on the Bai ' Bithaman Ajil (BBA) and Murabahah transactions.


maef-1 maef-2 maef-3



Bai ' Bithaman Ajil refers to the sale and purchase agreement based on deferred payment at a certain price. Murabahah refers to the sale and purchase agreement with exposure cost price and profit margin assets to the buyer.

Target Market
• Operators of machinery and equipment
• Operators in the production, processing or marketing of agricultural products
• Land owners
• Farmers




Product Details

This product offers financing facility with features as follows:

Financing Margin
Type Machinery / Equipment

Payment Margin
Up to a maximum of 90% of the cost of machinery or equipment

Type Machinery / Equipment

Payment Margin
Up to a maximum of 80% of the cost of machinery or equipment

Note :
1 Refers to machinery and equipment registered and used for the first time or machinery and equipment that has been restored and is registered in Malaysia for the first time.

2 Refers to machinery and equipment that has been previously registered and used in Malaysia. Age of machinery or equipment used must not exceed five (5) years.

Payment Tenure A maximum of nine (9) years of age where the number of machines or equipment and funding period must not exceed nine (9) years
Profit Rate
1.Subject to current changes
2. All the profit rate calculated on a monthly balances during the year.

≤ 50 % Margin Financing

New : BFR + 1.0% up BFR + 2.5%
Used : BFR  + 2.0% up BFR + 3.5%

Margin Financing > 50%

New : BFR + 1.5% to + 3.0%
Used : BFR + 2.5% + 4.0%

Ceilings Profit Rate (CPR):
BFR + 4% P.A. or 10 % pa , whichever is higher for the calculation of the sales price.

Effective Profit Rate (EPR):
At the current pace and did not exceed the ceiling profit rate charged and is calculated on a monthly balance.


Note : Basic Financing Rate (BFR)

Fee & Charges

JPJ registration fees
(if applicable)

JPJ imposed fees

Payment of Stamp Duty

As stipulated in the Stamp Act 1949 (Revised 1989)

Legal Charges & Payments

Including legal fees to the loan documentation, registration charges, ground search, search bankruptcy / bankruptcy and other fees (if applicable)

Takaful contributions

Based on the sum covered and NCD entitlement