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Paddy Cash-i

Paddy Cash-i is an uncollateralized financing facility to cater the customer’s daily needs and other usage such as the acquisition, renting/leasing or levelling of land etc. based on the Bai’ Al-Inah transactions.




The usage of:

  • Buy land
  • Rent / lease of land irrigated
  • Irrigated land leveling
  • Children's education
  • Home repair and buy equipment / furniture
  • Buy agricultural machinery and vehicles / motorcycles
  • Other uses of farmers and family




Eligibility Criteria

  • Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia
  • Farmers registered with Bernas (Padi Beras Nasional Berhad) or other relevant agencies legally recognized by the government
  • Age 18 years and over 65 years until the due date of the financing

Fee & Charges

Financing Limit Minimum RM3,000.00
Maximum RM50,000.00 (or in accordance to an aggregate amount of a combination of Paddy-i & PaddyCash-i)
Financing Tenure Maximum seven (7) years or fourteen (14)seasons
Profit Rate BFR + 3.1%per annum on monthly rest


  • Make a payment every six (6) months from the date of first disbursement of financing. Payment is deducted directly from paddy subsidies of the customer channelled to the Bank.
  • If the subsidies are not enough, the Bank is entitled to claim for reimbursement from other sources.
  • Customers should make mandatory savings of1.5% out of the total financing or minimum value of RM100.00.


  • No collateral / guarantee apply